Unexpected Miracles – Find out more about the people…

"This book is unlike anything I’ve written before. Previously, I’ve told stories of miracles from my point of view, but in this new book the stories are told by the people themselves. Every chapter tells an incredible story of each person’s life – things that will shock you, make you laugh and cry and marvel. As I interviewed each person over the past couple of years, they shared the background story to what brought [...]

Do I command healing or ask for it?

When praying for healing, what is the basis for COMMANDING in Jesus name versus ASKING in Jesus name for healing? On the face of it there isn’t much difference between: 1) Commanding healing in the name of Jesus and 2) Asking God if He will heal the person in Jesus name However, though the difference looks subtle there is a vast difference between these two acts of faith. The first is a statement based [...]

I’m worried I might not be saved

If you have NEVER recognised Jesus as your personal Saviour then it is the most important thing you will ever do and we exhort you do so now. Click here for some guidance to help you make that first step of faith in Him. However, if you know that you have already taken this step in the past please read on... From time to time we come across people who are worried that they’re "not [...]

Celebrating Breakthrough

Ten years ago, I needed a breakthrough. Rob and I had been following Jesus for years and had tried to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I had been in business for virtually all my adult life, and after surviving the liquidation of a failing business, my subsequent venture had been going well, and we had been living in the home of my dreams. We’d shed blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) renovating our [...]

Clear for Action and Beat to Quarters!!

“Clear for action and beat to quarters!” I liked the movie so much I got the T-Shirt! The movie is ‘Master and Commander’ (2003) and it chronicles the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey in the Napoleonic naval warfare of the early nineteenth century. The movie begins with the ship, HMS Surprise (28 guns, Crew: 197 souls) off the coast of Brazil 1806 under Admiralty Orders: To Cpt. J. Aubrey, ‘Intercept French Privateer ACHERON en route [...]

Expect A Miracle

Blog by Rob Cresswell. When Jesus was asked by a distraught father if He could heal his tormented son, this was His reply: “ ‘If you can’? said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for one who believes.’” Mark‬ ‭9:23‬ In other words... “What were you expecting? That this would be yet another failed attempt at healing and that things would just continue to get worse? Everything is possible for those who come expecting a miracle from [...]

Open Letter from Rob & Aliss Cresswell

Dear Friends, Like many others, we've been going through a time of repositioning this year and wanted to let you know about the changes. Here is an overview: A BIT OF HISTORY... After giving up our careers and dream home in Chester, England, we attended MorningStar School of Ministry in South Carolina, USA from 2005-2006. We returned home and continued to live by faith and follow the Holy Spirit day by day. The past 12 [...]

Lady Gaga and Kirsty Young’s Pain from Hell

The singer Lady Gaga and Desert Island Disc’s Kirsty Young suffer from a condition from hell: Fibromyalgia. Thirty two year old Lady Gaga has been hospitalised with severe pain and recently cancelled tours because of it. And the UK’s television presenter and Desert Island Disc’s host, Kirsty Young has quit her job until further notice, citing the same condition. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding around fibromyalgia, because up until recently, the condition wasn’t widely accepted [...]

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