What’s in your heart?

“What’s in my heart?” That’s what I was asking the Lord recently. I often ask Him to shine His light into my heart and expose anything in me – any wrong motives, negative traits or wrong beliefs that might spoil our relationship or get in the way of His purposes being accomplished in and through my life. And of course, He answers, but it can be painful and challenging! What He showed me was to [...]

Coronavirus and a Contagious Move of God

A Dream This January, before we’d heard of the Coronavirus outbreak, I had a dream. It was only a short dream, and in it I was watching a demonic entity and I heard the words clearly: ‘Death destroyer’ and then a word that I’d not heard of: ‘Floo-ha’. I wrote it down in my notes as soon as I woke up, just as I’d heard it. I asked the Holy Spirit to give me more [...]

The Dawning of a New Era

Twenty years ago, I was running my own trade show business. I’d look for a gap in the market - an up and coming industry that had no trade show associated with it and me and my staff would set up and run trade shows from scratch. One of the trade shows I planned was in the computer-telephony industry and I named it ‘Convergence 2000’, really because it was to do with converging technologies to [...]

Man Alive it’s 2020!

The Lord has just shown me something that has the potential to impact us all. Yesterday a delivery guy came to our door and was quite chatty. Before I knew it, I was prophesying to him and sharing words of knowledge about his life that there was no way I could have known naturally. The Lord was showing me that this man, despite his troubled life, had a big heart, and was always looking out [...]

New Spirit Lifestyle Online Training Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Spirit Lifestyle online training Membership Portal. This new web portal gives our subscribers a fantastic package of supernatural training and mentoring support including: Instant access to the entire Spirit Lifestyle online video training catalogue A Membership Group page for news, comments, conversation and connection A monthly live stream Q&A (and archive) with Rob and Aliss Live streaming (and archive) of select Spirit Lifestyle events Access to [...]

Aliss Almighty!?

As you may imagine, because we’ve witnessed tremendous miracles of healing, freedom and breakthrough over the years in the lives of so many, we receive thousands of messages from people all over the world, desperate for a miracle and wanting answers to prayer. It got to a point where we literally had to unplug the phone and now we don’t even have a phone line at all, we just couldn’t deal with the huge [...]

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