Coach/Hub Zoom Call Feedback

Feedback for the Hub/Coach Zoom call and Hang out

Have You Attended a Zoom Call Live Meeting?
Rob & Aliss Coach/Hub Zoom Meeting or a 'Hangout' (with Claire)
Please add the time and day of the week and your time zone
Would You Prefer To Have Separate Meetings For Hub Reps & Coaches?

Feedback about Meetings with Rob & Aliss

What Do You Like About The Monthly Zoom With Rob & Aliss?
(Zoom Call with Rob & Aliss)


What Do You Like About The 'Hangout' Zoom Call (with Claire)?
We have been trialling a monthly 'Hangout' zoom to focus more on relational and spiritual support
Would You Prefer Us To Record The Hangout?

Some General Feedback about Support

Please note - we do recommend that you run your class/hub with one other person for support. We also advise you to be part of a church family as we are unable to give one to one pastoral support.