We want to help you encounter the Living God and activate you to demonstrate His love and power in a tangible way, bringing transformation and purpose to your life and those around you.

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Join hundreds of people around the world who’ve been inspired, healed, trained and activated through our weekly online supernatural training programmes.

Watch Aliss interview people on the streets as they encounter the spirit realm: evil spirits leave, people are healed and angels are seen. Follow Rob as he visits stunning locations, bringing understanding from Scripture and shows how the revelation can change your life.

Practical ‘Faith activation’ homework is given, so you can put everything you’ve learned into practice and be activated to step out and experience God in new ways.

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Host a ‘Spirit Lifestyle Party’!

We’ve made it simple! Anyone, anywhere can now host a ‘Spirit Lifestyle Party’.

Our ‘Party Kit’ includes all you need to host a ‘Spirit Lifestyle Party’ in your home, church, coffee shop or workplace. A Spirit Lifestyle Party is perfect for reaching people who don’t yet know Jesus or who want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

You will receive exclusive ministry training from Aliss Cresswell, party tips, DVDs and books so all you need to do is invite your friends and family, watch what happens as they encounter the Spirit of Jesus and help them discover the Living God!

This kit also includes all you need to start and run a follow-up 4 week course with the resulting small group if you wish.

Check out our ‘Kits’ in the online store here on our website.

Small Groups

Start a small group in your home, workplace or coffee shop! Start with a Spirit Lifestyle party or purchase the quality Bible-based training resources for your Small Group Leaders to use.

We’ve included practical activations for everyone to get involved, whether they’re just starting out on their spiritual journey or have been on this adventure with the Spirit for many years.

Check out our Starter Kits as well as our DVDs that come with leader’s guides, books and worksheets. You’ll find all these in our online store here on this website.

Attend a Workshop

Join us at one of our powerful interactive workshops!

Deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit and search out hidden mysteries in the Scriptures as you learn how to heal the sick, cast out demons, prophesy, get words of knowledge, do miracles, interact with the spirit realm, encounter angels and more!

Our popular workshops are designed to get you activated and we regularly receive testimonials from attendees who say their lives have been impacted. Not only do many healings and deliverances take place whilst practising on each other, but hundreds of attendees have told us their ministries have exploded since attending one of our workshops.

We keep the workshops as small as we can so that we can work with you closely and we love to keep in touch with attendees after the events so we can cheer you on!

Check out our upcoming workshops by going to the store on this website and click on Events.

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Annike, Sweden

Thank you for making your training available all over the world. I prayed for someone and she was healed!

Heather, Florida

I am impressed with your teaching. I prayed for people in my clinic and have had a good result.

David, Medical Doctor

My life has improved and I’m so much happier

I was able to help 3 people get free from evil spirits

My wife was healed and the nightmares have gone

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