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How to Be Healed Book
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How to be Healed and Stay Healed by Aliss CresswellHow to Be Healed and Stay Healed

Divine Healing for your Mind and Body

A new book by Aliss Cresswell

In pain? Health failing? In need of a miracle?

Right from the outset, Aliss releases divine power as she speaks truth into your mind, soul and body. This book has the potential to change your life. Expect a miracle as you come into alignment with heaven and follow the simple, practical steps to keep your healing

Aliss Cresswell is well known for releasing miracles of breakthrough and demonstrating Godʼs love and power everywhere she goes. With her ʻmiracle caféʼ and gift shops in England attracting worldwide attention, she now travels with her husband Rob offering powerful Spirit Lifestyle® training and resources and launching others into a life of miracles.


Divine Power Released for You
Free Yourself
Healing Angels, Portals and Anointings
Blockages to Healing
Could it be a Demon?
Stay Safe: Counterfeit Healing Exposed
Practical Steps to Staying Healed