Man Alive it’s 2020!

By Aliss Cresswell

The Lord has just shown me something that has the potential to impact us all.

Yesterday a delivery guy came to our door and was quite chatty. Before I knew it, I was prophesying to him and sharing words of knowledge about his life that there was no way I could have known naturally. The Lord was showing me that this man, despite his troubled life, had a big heart, and was always looking out for others and giving of himself to help them. And the Lord was about to make a big change in his life and he was going to see breakthrough. This guy did not know God at all, but I shared with him how he could know God personally and prayed with him, he went on his way full of hope and with one of my booklets in his hand!

Then I thought about the previous time I shared with someone about Jesus and it was just the other day when we were at the local car dealer’s looking to buy a car. We were chatting to the car salesman and ended up sharing about Jesus with him. We prayed with him and he was so interested to know more, I took him one of my books when we went to pick up the car we’d bought. He then told us that his colleague had overheard our conversation, he was struggling with addictions and asked us if we could pray with him too.

Earlier that day we’d been at another place looking at cars and we got chatting to the young salesman there. We told him we needed a suitable car for Rob driving on the narrow roads and steep hills of Wales on location for our videos. He wanted to know what type of videos we made and so we told him about our Spirit Lifestyle portal and how we help connect people with God personally and mentor them in the supernatural ways of the Holy Spirit. Then he really wanted to know more, and we ended up praying with him and his foot got healed.

“No, what do you really do?”

Just a few days prior to that, we were in a shop and the chatty business owner wanted to know all about us and what we did. So we told him and he kept laughing and saying, “No, what do you really do?” We spent an hour there sharing Jesus with him and he opened up about some major struggles in his life that no-one else knew about. I gave him one of my books too.

And not long before that happened, we got chatting to a young guy we met out and about – we shared words of knowledge about him and his girlfriend, prophesied to him and within a few days he tracked me down on social media and explained how he’d received the miracle we’d prophesied which had really surprised him. He could hardly believe that God was real and interested in him!

Wanting to know God

Each of these people was keen to know God personally, but previous to us meeting them, they were either atheists, agnostics or had simply not given God much thought at all. Then as I was mulling over these recent encounters, I realised that they were all men. Now over the years, we’ve helped many men encounter Jesus and choose to follow Him, but the fact that all of these over the past few weeks were men caught my attention. And I’d just been asking the Lord to show me some of the things He is doing in this season. Then yesterday, at the beginning of the year, after the delivery man had left, this is what He showed me.

We are going to see more men, who previously have been hardened to the things of God, or who have not been interested, now wanting to know and experience God for themselves.

In this climate of men not knowing who they really are and their true purpose in life, God is beginning to capture their hearts and fill them with His love and purpose and revelation of their true identity. The Lord is offering us, both men and women, the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing in this time of harvest. Ask Him who to pray for and what to pray. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Be sensitive to who you need to talk to or offer to pray for directly, whether it’s your husband, son, father, brother or friend, or someone you meet in day to day life.

And then do whatever the Holy Spirit shows you. It’s time to begin to hope again, so picture that man you know through God’s eyes; with his heart on fire for God and see him as God intended him to be. Begin to call out his true identity as a son of God as you pray and declare it in the spirit realm. And then treat him as a beloved son of God, walking in His ways and watch as heaven’s blueprint for his life becomes earthly reality and he begins living out God’s destiny for his life. It’s time for breakthrough, it’s time for men to be in right standing with God, with their families and in all God has called them to do. I pray this year sees breakthrough in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

Powerful testimony

I just read this post today from one of our subscribers that I hope will encourage you: “The day after Christmas, my neighbor’s husband experienced an aortal aneurism that basically exploded & he began haemorrhaging internally. The wife called me at 2 am to ask for prayer as she drove to the hospital where he was being airlifted to. During our brief phone call, I saw a picture of the Father literally “fielding” what the enemy was trying to throw at this family & decreed over them that what the enemy meant for evil, Jesus was turning for GOOD. We decreed and agreed life & healing. This man hasn’t been following Jesus… The man was in critical condition with a 10-20% chance of survival following the first surgery… The doctors gave him 45 units of blood, did 3 different surgeries & told his wife that he would lose his legs & a kidney because they had to tie off exterior vessels in order to save his brain & heart. However, a delightful 2-3 days after surgery, his kidney showed normal function & he had perfect pulses in his legs, feet & toes! The best news of all is that TODAY, as I write, exactly ONE WEEK later, he is being discharged HOME. We are all ecstatic & praising Jesus for His miracles on behalf of a guy who really hasn’t known how much he is loved by the Father… He is calling himself Miracle Man now & crediting God with this miracle. Jesus has invaded beautifully and I look for this whole family to experience the Kingdom coming in powerful ways!!!!!!”

God’s plan for the men in your life

I look forward to hearing good reports from you and your loved ones too over the coming weeks and months! So look out for those guys around you who may be drifting or seeking answers to some of life’s big questions. And whatever the enemy is throwing at the men in your life, through Jesus, you have the power to break that spirit of failure and discouragement. Don’t accept the enemy’s plan to kill, steal and destroy but take a stand for the hearts of men that they may step into their true identities as sons of God.

About the Author: Aliss Cresswell

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Aliss Cresswell believes in the God of miracles and living a life full of love and power. Through pioneering Miracle Cafés and Spirit Lifestyle training, Aliss and her husband Rob equip and activate those who pursue a Spirit-filled life to demonstrate God’s power and transform communities everywhere they go.

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