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We’re Rob & Aliss Cresswell and we want to help you transform your world by encountering the Living God through His Holy Spirit and demonstrating His love and power tangibly everywhere you go. We’ve put together this Spirit Lifestyle portal to help you do just that.

Miracle Menu Online Workshop

miracle menu workshop

with Aliss Cresswell

miracle menu®

Interactive Online Workshop
with Aliss Cresswell

Closed Captions

All our training videos have closed captions in English.

The majority of our videos have closed captions in German and Spanish.

And we are also adding French, Norwegian and Portuguese.

So looking forward to starting this journey… thank you for the teachings and thank you Jesus for showing me you are with me” GRACE

I want to say thank you so much for saying we can join for any amount as I would not have joined otherwise. I have raised my amount again and will continue to do so as He is prospering me. I am growing so much being with this fellowship of fiery ones!” ELLEN

Fantastic videos. Brings calmness to my soul. I always enjoy watching all the landscape and teachings. Thank you Aliss and Rob.” ANTHONY

Love the fresh and clear way these powerful truths are presented! You have such an ability to clarify & inspire. Anyone, whether newly born again or very old in the Spirit both gain much from these teachings!” BETSY

Wonderful and informative videos. What the girl explained at the beginning was exactly what had been happening to me from an early age… I love the simplicity of your teachings and the peace of God that transcends through your messages.” SHEENA

Simple but profound. Truly insightful! Thank you for guiding us through the steps for freedom… I love the faith activations and practise them daily. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.” SUSAN

I’m excited to start this as I am entering a big transition in my life. We are praying about what God wants for our life going forward. Perfect timing, imagine that!” Cynthia

I am absolutely loving all the videos and information. Very helpful! The steps and understanding can be easily implemented into my every day. Even knowing what to ask the Holy Spirit makes a difference! I am thankful to have the Holy Spirit and your teachings and wisdom to help me get my heart right and to have a deeper understanding.” MONIQUE

Loving all your videos” JULIE

Wooh. My life will never be the same again! So excited to practice talking with GOD every day!” CHRISSIE

Wow what a treat to be part of this group of people from all over the world. Great to hear from everyone thank you” ALI

The greatest program I’ve ever seen, learning and tapping into the anointing that is upon your life” CHRISTOPHER

Powerful teaching. I cannot thank you enough.” CHARITY

So amazing and inspiring. Never heard anyone explain the heavenly realms in this way. Thank you, this has opened my mind.” Abi

“I am learning so much from the mentoring program. It’s exactly what I needed!! My hubby and I are teaching a home group and I’m able to glean some great revelation to share with our group and to challenge them.” JOANNE

“You really stretch me to live out of my comfort zone and inspire me to live a ‘spirit lifestyle’ 24/7. I am now in a habit of ‘expecting a miracle’ daily, and God continues to surprise me with His Goodness! LORINDA

“Thank you for this mentorship and your accessibility via the group and live Q&A. I no longer experience that sense of ‘spiritual isolation’ which was a burden I had before joining this programme 🙏🏼” LORINDA

“I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and content of your videos. They are an encouragement. Great job.” MICHAEL

“This is hands down some of the best teaching on living a Spirit lifestyle!  I say don’t wait, just do it. Sign up. Thank you both for your obedience to the lord, and your love for the church.” KEITH

Since I discovered Rob & Aliss’ teaching I’ve been looking for miracles to happen all around me. They have helped open my eyes to the truth, that signs and wonders follow them that believe. I’m no longer satisfied with church as usual. Reading their books and watching the videos make me so excited. I’m always longing for more experiences with the Holy Spirit, to walk with Him daily. To see others free. This community has been a true blessing to me.” EB

I am so thankful for Spirit Lifestyle! Each class and each video I watch impacts me! I am learning and growing! Thank you!!” LH

I have learned so much and have become more bold and on fire for serving the Lord! I’m so appreciative of my coach and her gifts of leading, prophesying, encouraging, and activating our group to minister to others. We actually did street ministry this past weekend and we saw healings, deliverance, and people getting their prayer language! It was so exciting! The Lord continues to put people in my path to pray for and to encourage to draw closer to Him. I’m immensely thankful for Rob and Aliss, for pressing into what God put on their heart to do to teach and equip us to help bring for the Kingdom of God. Thank you Spirit Lifestyle!” Shelly

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