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    An invitation from Rob & Aliss Cresswell We want to help you walk in all that you were born to do. God has chosen you to live a life of fullness and a lifestyle of miracles. He wants to work powerfully in and through your life. We invite you to be part of our supportive online community and mentoring where you can choose a weekly Spirit Lifestyle Class to suit you, we've personally produced many powerful training videos that will help bring clarity and a sense of well being, along with activations and faith tasks so you can put into practice the overcoming Spirit-led life. Plus regular live Q&A where we answer your questions live! There's really nothing to lose and everything to gain - you even get to choose how much you want to pay each month for your subscription once the free trial ends. So don't delay, join now and we look forward to welcoming you into a whole new world and a life beyond your wildest dreams! *If you're not sure what value to put on your subscription, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you - you can put the amount up or down at a later date. After your initial free week, the payment for your first month's subscription will automatically be taken. You can cancel easily at any time. Available in all countries.
  • In pain? Health failing? In need of a miracle? Right from the outset, Aliss releases divine power as she speaks truth into your mind, soul and body. This anointed book by Aliss Cresswell has the potential to change your life. Expect a miracle as you come into alignment with heaven and follow the simple, practical steps to keep your healing.
  • Embark on a journey of discovery as Rob Cresswell navigates God’s threefold blessing from the Garden of Eden to the victories of Jesus. Learn how the supernatural power of God is released and brings us into the fulness of our inheritance. Join the uprising and prepare to engage in the Lord’s Threefold Miracle Mandate.
  • This exclusive 'Expect a Miracle' Hand Scroll Banner is a great way to communicate your faith with friends on social media.
  • This pocket size booklet by Aliss Cresswell is perfect for anyone interested in spirituality, those in need of a miracle and seekers wanting to encounter God.
  • Sale!
    We are keeping the price for this bundle of 10 booklets as low as we can so you can give them away and reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus! This pocket size booklet by Aliss Cresswell is perfect for anyone interested in spirituality, those in need of a miracle and seekers wanting to encounter God.
  • A Sniper full of anger, a Muslim seeking God's love, a Psychic Medium with no hope, a lonely CEO, a Woman running from abuse, a hedonistic Multi-Millionaire, a violent Addict Prostitute, a power-seeking Satanic Witch, a disabled Army Veteran, a suicidal Heavy Metal fan and a Reiki Master living a lie. Each powerful 'before and after' true story will take you on a roller-coaster of emotion: Anger becomes love, seeking turns to joy, relationships restored, addictions leave, power becomes pure, disabilities are healed, worthless becomes precious, identities discovered and true love is found.  
  • An English suburb in the 21st century; an unlikely place for healings, new life and deliverance from demons…?

    ‘A Diary of Miracles’ says otherwise. No big event, no media hype, just a heart hungry to see the love and power of God touching the lives of everyday people. You will love Aliss Cresswell's first book which has sold thousands of copies worldwide.
  • The incredible ‘Diary of Miracles’ continues as Aliss launches a new venture called ‘Spirit’ shop and takes the healing touch of Jesus to the city...  
  • ‘The Believer’s Guide to Survival’ / 'What Next Jesus?' is an essential handbook for basic Christian living and perfect for new Christians. In this guide, Rob Cresswell uses six physical needs for life to help us understand ‘spiritual foundations’ beginning with ‘Air: Christ in you the hope of glory’...
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    Recommended by Rob & Aliss Only Available to USA Customers
  • Translating God: Hearing God's Voice For Yourself And The World Around You

    Endorsed by Eric Johnson and Lance Wallnau. Recommended by Rob & Aliss Available only to US customers.
  • Sale!
    ‘Adventures in Dreaming′ The Supernatural Nature of Dreams Recommended by Rob & Aliss. Introduction from Rick Joyner. Available only to US customers.
  • Possessing Your Healing: Taking Authority Over Sickness in Your Life

    Endorsed by Heidi Baker. Recommended by Rob & Aliss. Available only to US customers.
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