Miracle Menu Online Workshop


Miracle Menu® Workshop (on Zoom) with Aliss Cresswell


Join Aliss Cresswell LIVE at the Miracle Menu® Online Workshop for training and impartation.

This workshop (together with the corresponding videos to watch prior to the event) is designed to provide you with the essential training and impartation required to effectively release the power and presence of Jesus as you offer the free Miracle Menu® to others.

IMPORTANT: A Spirit Lifestyle Membership Subscription is necessary to register for this workshop because attendees must watch specific training videos before the event. Please purchase your subscription here:




“I would love to share this free tool with you and help you get started using it; whether you’d like to offer it to your friends, your customers, people you meet out and about or for your church members to use. I’ll be hosting an online Miracle Menu® Workshop, specifically for anyone who wants to use the Miracle Menu® as an effective way to minister to others.”

– Aliss Cresswell

The Miracle Menu®

The Miracle Menu® is a simple yet powerful tool that enables followers of Jesus to demonstrate God’s love and power anywhere.

Developed by Aliss Cresswell of Spirit Lifestyle, initially for Miracle Cafes, the Miracle Menu® is now being made available for anyone to use*

Have you longed to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit in your daily life – say, at work or out and about in your community – but often find it difficult to offer ministry to others? Perhaps because:

  • Approaching strangers is just too challenging
  • Offering to pray for someone is awkward and embarrassing
  • Finding the right words to say becomes a barrier
  • What if nothing happens when I pray?

This is where using the Miracle Menu® can really help because it quickly becomes a topic of interest that can lead to some amazing ministry opportunities at the request of the recipient. Plus, there is fantastic follow up and mentoring for everyone who wants to go deeper!

*All we ask is that you participate in our online Miracle Menu Workshop on Zoom with Aliss (for essential tips, activations and Q&A), watch specific training videos prior to the online workshop and be willing to stay connected for ongoing support and feedback.

To register for the online workshop and watch the training videos, you will need to be a member of Spirit Lifestyle training portal (which is very simple to join; no big fees – you choose how much you want to pay monthly).

Miracle Menu Workshop (Online)

By attending this interactive Workshop on Zoom, you will be trained and
activated in all aspects of the free Miracle Menu® – be amazed at the way God moves in power as you step out in faith! You will also benefit from our ongoing training, support and impartation for wherever you would like to use this effective tool.

* Attending the online workshop is an essential requirement if you would like to offer the free Miracle Menu® to others.

Let’s hear what others have to say about the Miracle Menu®:

“I prayed for people for years but nothing much seemed to happen. Since the workshop and using the tools given to me by Aliss, I’m truly amazed at what God is doing through me.”

“I’m blown away by this. I wish I’d had this years ago!”

“What I like about it is that people don’t feel threatened or cajoled. I offer it for free but if they’re not interested, that’s fine. No awkwardness at all and they often come back and say actually I would like something off it now!”

“I’ve used the Miracle Menu with my customers; so easy and it really works! I was worried nothing would happen but from the moment I offered the Miracle Menu, people were receptive and we’ve seen many miracles of healing, deliverance, lives changed and salvations too!”

“My confidence has grown no end. I didn’t know it would be this easy.”

“I no longer find it hard to share my faith. It’s so easy to use the Miracle Menu – almost every time I offer it to someone, they encounter the power of Jesus and want to know more!”

Feedback from recipients of the Miracle Menu®

Mr J

“While they were praying for me I started to sob with tears running down my face. I feel a lot lighter as though something that had been weighing me down has been lifted. I also feel joyful and a lot more positive about things going forward.”


“I’m amazed at how she invited the Holy Spirit and He is here and the words flow and I felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. It was a truly ‘wow’ experience.”


“I am shocked that I am now completely better. It happened so quickly. I’m like a different person, my husband can’t believe it either. Thank you so much!”


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