How negative thoughts can kill you!

In this article and video discover how coming into agreement with negative thoughts is detrimental to your health and well-being, learn how to overcome fear and anxiety and choose life! Fear and anxiety can cause many illnesses and can kill you. I’ve known people who have worried so much about getting cancer or some other disease that they have ended up getting the very thing they worried about. In ancient times there was a [...]

Are demons blocking your healing?

In this article and video, we will look at ways in which evil spirits can cause medical conditions - physical, mental and emotional - and help you to get free. Did you know that we can come out from God's covering by things that we do or others do to us and we can become demonised and we can get sick?  Since the time that Adam and Eve disobeyed God, all of creation lives [...]

A magnet for Muslims

A muslim in need “Aliss prophesied over me and my husband recently that we would be a 'Muslim magnet'... that God would do a huge work amongst Muslims through us, and that it would be easy, it would just happen, and it would begin with Muslim women. I wrote the prophesy out and have been praying it over these last weeks. Today a Christian friend randomly called us asking if we could come straight [...]

Any tips on talking about Jesus to witches!?

A witch is coming round for tea! “Hi All, any tips on talking about Jesus to witches? I’ve got one coming for tea tomorrow!” This was posted on our community page earlier this week from one of our members. It’s wonderful how our community members are seeing incredible answers to prayer as they step out in faith. Read the following thread of what was written next… “She is actually my neighbour! Several nights [...]

Our miracle cafe was knocked down!

But read what happened this week... OUR MIRACLE CAFÉ WAS KNOCKED DOWN! Yesterday we took our cameras to the exact spot where our miracle café used to be in Blacon. We did some filming for our new video series ‘Kingdom Influencers’ and I shared some of the background to us opening the café and the incredible miracles breaking out. While we were filming, this lady walked past with her children. She’d heard about our [...]

Best cure for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain - what are the options, how to manage and best cure? In this article we will look at various ways of easing chronic pain and share with you the simplest and best cure that many are discovering worldwide. What is Chronic Pain? Chronic primary pain is defined by the UK's National Health Service as persistent pain that continues for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment and accounts for up to [...]

Miracle Diary 10th August 2020

More miracles to report! Here are just some we read today... “This week our Spirit Lifestyle class was about Healing. I asked for prayer for my 7 year old son. His skin has been itchy the whole time due to some allergy, tonsils and adenoids also swollen. I noticed on Sunday morning that he did not complain about the itchiness and I also noticed the redness and rashes is gone. I give glory to [...]

Miracle Diary 8th August 2020

Demons in a dog!? We’re hearing of more and more miracles breaking out right now amongst our community members both online and where they live, in various nations! Here’s just a few of the many that we read this morning: Is Autoimmune disease too hard for God!? “Prayed for a friend a couple of weeks back who was exhausted and in pain from lupus (autoimmune disease). Felt to get her to pray repentance [...]

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