New Spirit Lifestyle Online Training Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Spirit Lifestyle online training Membership Portal. This new web portal gives our subscribers a fantastic package of supernatural training and mentoring support including: Instant access to the entire Spirit Lifestyle online video training catalogue A Membership Group page for news, comments, conversation and connection A monthly live stream Q&A (and archive) with Rob and Aliss Live streaming (and archive) of select Spirit Lifestyle events Access to [...]

Aliss Almighty!?

As you may imagine, because we’ve witnessed tremendous miracles of healing, freedom and breakthrough over the years in the lives of so many, we receive thousands of messages from people all over the world, desperate for a miracle and wanting answers to prayer. It got to a point where we literally had to unplug the phone and now we don’t even have a phone line at all, we just couldn’t deal with the huge [...]

Breakthrough for Families!

Since revival broke out in our café and then our shop ten years ago, we’ve seen incredible miracles of healing, deliverance and salvations, far too numerous to count. But I have to tell you that in the past year we’ve seen more miracles within families than ever before. And not just in one place, but everywhere we go! The Lord is making it clear that this really is a season of breakthrough for your family. [...]

Unexpected Miracles – Find out more about the people…

"This book is unlike anything I’ve written before. Previously, I’ve told stories of miracles from my point of view, but in this new book the stories are told by the people themselves. Every chapter tells an incredible story of each person’s life – things that will shock you, make you laugh and cry and marvel. As I interviewed each person over the past couple of years, they shared the background story to what brought [...]

Do I command healing or ask for it?

When praying for healing, what is the basis for COMMANDING in Jesus name versus ASKING in Jesus name for healing? On the face of it there isn’t much difference between: 1) Commanding healing in the name of Jesus and 2) Asking God if He will heal the person in Jesus name However, though the difference looks subtle there is a vast difference between these two acts of faith. The first is a statement based [...]

I’m worried I might not be saved

If you have NEVER recognised Jesus as your personal Saviour then it is the most important thing you will ever do and we exhort you do so now. Click here for some guidance to help you make that first step of faith in Him. However, if you know that you have already taken this step in the past please read on... From time to time we come across people who are worried that they’re "not [...]

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