Our Spirit Lifestyle Coaches are friendly and experienced mentors who are dedicated to helping you:

  • Apply our powerful teaching materials and improve your life

  • Enjoy the group activations and put into practice what you’re learning

  • Reach your full potential and fulfill your dreams

  • Progress in your faith journey and experience all that God has provided for you – spirit, soul and body

Meet some of our coaches…







About the founders…


Rob & Aliss Cresswell

We’ve been in the business of life-transforming training since we started our weekly ‘School of the Spirit’ meetings in Chester, UK in 2006 and subsequently our powerful ‘Supernatural Workshops’ and residential schools. We’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, to experience personal transformation in spirit, soul and body and equipped them to demonstrate God’s love and power everywhere they go.

Our books and videos document the incredible miracles through the hands of ‘ordinary’ people who are taking on board our training and daring to follow the powerful and loving God whom we serve. Our inspirational Spirit Lifestyle online portal offers spiritual training and supportive mentoring to an online community of monthly subscribers from all over the world, and now we’ve introduced our brand new, weekly Spirit Lifestyle Classes available FREE to our online Subscribers.

To find out more about joining a weekly Class, contact your local Spirit Lifestyle Coach or click the button above.  And if you’re interested in volunteering as a Spirit Lifestyle Coach, we’d love to hear from you!

What people are saying…

“Pivotal in securing a switch in my mental and personal vision of how I fit into life. Very profound. Refreshing. Insightful. Practical. Light. Rejuvenating.” Annie

“Amazing miracles!” Wayne

“Your teachings have been a catalyst… changing my life, helping me grow. A light has come on! I am now seeing others healed too and embracing the life God intended for me.” Samantha

“My symptoms of MS subsided – the numbness in my left leg went and I had feeling again. I began to walk freely. I felt three jerks in my shoulders and head and felt things lifting up and out. I went back to my seat literally shaking with energy.” Annie

“I was able to walk upstairs that night which before going to the session I had not been able to do. One foot for each step. I repeated the stairs just for the joy of doing it! I hadn’t been able to do that for about six months.” Annie

“In a nutshell, spiritual growth! All the sessions were amazing. Thank you!” Karen

“I have been impacted tremendously: healing in my life, dreams and visions” Sarah

“Our whole family learned courage and boldness and that we could do it too. The heaviness of rules was lifted. We learned to be brave and have a go because there’s a hurting world out there. The treasure in us was developed and now we’re doing the same for others” Claire

“I spent this past year hopeless, sleeping most of the time and being very immobile. Hopeless and helpless. Spirit Lifestyle was monumental in switching all of that. A turning point. I have not been so happy and giddy in such a while. I feel washed over with such a lightness and joy and renewed energy.” Annie

“The teaching has helped me understand spiritual things and what the normal supernatural Christian life looks like. Always inspiring and exciting to see people moving in the gifts of the Spirit with each other and being activated to step out in faith. I’ve received encouraging prophetic words which blessed me.” Marion

“I have learnt so much from everyone. We pray for each other: my friend’s brother had a serious accident and medics said 24-48hrs to live… the next day she sent me a picture of him standing and smiling… Amazing!” JB

The class is life changing. Thank God for our Coach, there’s great support. I am activated on another level… It is the most powerful movement of God I have ever witnessed… God truly saves and heals all diseases.” G.O.