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CD SET: The Normal Supernatural by Aliss Cresswell

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Powerful CD set from Aliss Cresswell


In this anointed 3 CD audio teaching, Aliss Cresswell takes three themes from her ‘Normal Supernatural’ book and teaches on:

  1. Supernatural Knowledge
  2. Healing and Unusual Miracles
  3. How to develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit

Receive freedom and impartation as Aliss teaches and activates you through sharing her real life stories, Bible teaching, personal prayer and impartation. Please note that these CDs contain additional teaching to her book and she prays and prophesies over those listening to the CDs. This CD set is a great accompaniment to Aliss’s book of the same title, ‘The Normal Supernatural Christian Life’.

Aliss Cresswell is well known for releasing miracles of breakthrough and demonstrating Godʼs love and power everywhere she goes. With her ʻmiracle caféʼ and gift shops in England attracting worldwide attention, Aliss and her husband Rob now offer powerful Spirit Lifestyle® training, online mentoring, events and resources, launching others into a life of miracles.

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