Following the Holy Spirit
You may have heard that the Lord has been directing us to help people all over the world start up ‘Miracle Hubs’ and/or local weekly Spirit Lifestyle Classes in their communities.
One such person is Christine in Connecticut, who along with her husband, began running our weekly Classes online and now also locally in her community. She also started up a distribution centre to help those in need and this has become a ‘Miracle Hub’, just like we’d envisioned.
We’re so excited as more and more Spirit Lifestyle Classes and now Miracle Hubs are beginning to be launched in many nations and reaching out to the general public with the love and power of Jesus.
Setback becomes a blessing
Christine (on right in photo) shared: “Michele and Ethel came to our hub, “Thy Eagle’s Nest”, this is the name of our center. We distribute clothing and furniture to those in need. They came this past Saturday and it was amazing how God kept me in town to meet them. My husband and I were planning to head out of state and pick up a truck that was given to us in Maine (12 hour trip). Getting ready to venture off, we learned that our vehicle was not running properly and we had no means to get there. So, shrugging it off we continued with our day doing what we normally do.
God had a beautiful plan that day. He knew that this was the day of salvation for both Michele and Ethel. The center opened as normal and I was able to be there. We had several people arriving dropping off items and several there in need, then 2 women arrived. One had come to the center in the past however, this time she brought a friend Ethel.
Heartache turns to joy
As they were shopping (everything is free) I started sharing with them how God had brought them here. They started to tell me how they had been raised in religion and Ethel began to tell me how she was angry with God. I asked why and she proceeded to tell me her son was found dead just several months ago by her in his apartment. I saw the hurt and brokenness and I knew God wanted her to know how much He loved her.
As we continued our conversation she broke down in tears and hugged me so tight she wouldn’t let go. At that moment we prayed and both girls received Jesus as their Lord and Savior! There was a party taking place in heaven! This being the greatest miracle ever, we became sisters in Christ.
Freely you have received, freely give
What blew me away next was that Ethel felt the love of God in such a mighty way she was compelled to go outside and give me a gift she had in her car! It was a beautiful wreath she made with her own hands. All over the wreath were hearts…It was that same Love she received that she wanted to share with me. God’s love sets us free and that day Michele and Ethel were set free indeed. Praising God for this opportunity to share His LOVE.” Christine, Spirit Lifestyle Coach, Connecticut.

Want to know more about our weekly Classes and Miracle Hubs?

More and more lives are being transformed in many nations through our Spirit Lifestyle weekly Classes and now Miracle Hubs too. If you would like to be involved in any way, follow the links below and get ready for God to move powerfully in and through your life…