A muslim in need

“Aliss prophesied over me and my husband recently that we would be a ‘Muslim magnet’… that God would do a huge work amongst Muslims through us, and that it would be easy, it would just happen, and it would begin with Muslim women. I wrote the prophesy out and have been praying it over these last weeks. Today a Christian friend randomly called us asking if we could come straight away and visit his Muslim friends (he knew nothing of the prophecy) and pray for the wife who was sick. We went straight away. We had no idea what sickness the lady had, but when we got there found her doubled over in a wheelchair, bound with arthritis in all her joints. She was in great pain and couldn’t move or walk.

We shared Jesus with her and asked if we could pray for her healing in Jesus’ name to which she said, ‘Yes!’. After some prayer the pain left one of her arms and she could move it freely, but pain elsewhere wasn’t leaving. I then asked her if she believed in Jesus and was she willing to invite him into her life, that he had greater power than any evil spirit of sickness, and that she would then have authority to tell the sickness to leave in Jesus’ name. She said yes, she believed, and followed me in prayer to receive Jesus, and then followed me in prayer and told every spirit of infirmity to leave.

Her legs, knees and ankles were then completely healed. She was able to get out of her wheelchair and walk!!!… She was crying tears of joy!… We encouraged her to keep thanking Jesus, that he was still working and to keep believing for complete healing… Praise God for his salvation and healing. She has invited us back tomorrow to pray for her some more. Her husband and son witnessed what happened and we also prayed blessing over the husband. This is SO exciting. We believe it will open the whole family and community to Jesus. Thank you Jesus for your incredible love and power. Please pray for this lady and family as we follow them up, and for more opportunities in their community. They live at the heart of the Muslim area, right near the mosque! Praise God. He is so good!!!! And thank you Aliss and Rob – we’ve learnt so much from you this year! And your word for us has stirred us to pray for Muslims….and now God is moving!” JC

Jesus loves Muslims and so do we! This post is one of many written on the community page of our online portal.

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