More miracles to report! Here are just some we read today…

“This week our Spirit Lifestyle class was about Healing. I asked for prayer for my 7 year old son. His skin has been itchy the whole time due to some allergy, tonsils and adenoids also swollen.

I noticed on Sunday morning that he did not complain about the itchiness and I also noticed the redness and rashes is gone. I give glory to the Lord. I also checked his tonsils and it seems much smaller, as it was very much larger than the normal person’s. I’m in awe of the Lord Jesus and for the community on here.” JA

The power of God in Germany

“We have had some great stuff happening in our Spirit Lifestyle Class (in Germany). We watched your video ‘Obstacles to healing‘ as we have a real newcomer in the Group. She wanted to know how forgiving works… that was a breakthrough for everybody.

Because of watching the videos a lady wanted the baptism of the spirit and started speaking in tongues after we prayed for her. We also prayed for her back and she got healed from backpain over the next hour!

They were so inspired that one of the longer believers even started to preach in his church about it….wow…so much fun…thank you JESUS.“ KB

The Normal Supernatural Christian Life is for Pastors too!

“Dear Aliss, I just want to leave you here my testimony. I just finished reading your book “The normal supernatural Christian life” This book has tremendous impact on my life. Every time I read the book, I kept on asking myself what happened to me? I was trained by Derek Prince, my Spiritual father but it has been a while since I stepped out by faith to do anything and I’m now convicted by the Holy Spirit and repented for my lukewarmness. Thank you so much and God bless you. I want Jesus to take all of me and use me for his glory one more time. Pastor W, TX

I just got saved!

“I have made my decision to surrender my life completely to Jesus this week! (A few days ago) I did it in my heart only, not publicly. Today I have confirmed it publicly (during the online Class) which I am very happy for!” WR, Poland

An invitation from Rob & Aliss Cresswell

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