Miracles in an engineering office, a salon and through video

We’re hearing of more and more miracles breaking out right now amongst our SpiritLifestyle.com community members both online and where they live, in various nations! Here’s just a few of the many that we read this morning:

Supernatural Knowledge

“I was at a salon and reading a book on my phone when I thought what if God wants me to be available to speak to the worker? So I put my phone down and waited and got ‘younger sister’s. And I thought that’s not enough. Then I got ‘education’. Also not enough. Then I got, she has 2 younger sisters and a younger brother and God wanted to encourage her about her sister’s education. (She is Filipina). So I asked her if she had 2 younger sisters and she said yes. Double checked with Google translate. Then asked if she also had a younger brother, she said yes. I asked if one of the sisters was studying, she said yes and started laughing. So I told her I am a Christian and that God loves her family and that everything is going to be okay with her sister’s study. She wanted to know how I knew about her family! I told her it was the Holy Spirit. We are in a Muslim country. She isn’t going to church, but I remembered my amah is a pastor of a Filipino church here, so gave the girl her number if she ever needed to contact anyone for prayer. She was giggling away that I ‘knew’ about her family!” JG

Instant Healing

“I just watched one of your videos and while watching had a stomach ache and a migraine. When you imparted Christ’s healing, I immediately felt better! Praise Him!” ST

You will live and not die!

“I am a mental health first aider at work which has allowed me to share the gospel and pray for others who are suffering. I’m currently praying for a miracle for my colleague’s partner who has leukaemia. Last week she got an infection and there was a 90% chance she would die. I told my colleague that I will be praying for healing and a miracle. I asked God to send his angels to stand by her bedside. Today I’ve been told that she’s getting better and now the chances of dying are 50/50. I continue to pray for a miracle and for my colleague to come to faith and share the good news.” JA

God has designs on you!

“I went in to work for the first time since March. One of the techs called and asked if I could have a brief meeting with him in person to discuss wiring of my engineering design. There was a mix up in schematics from the architecture group. So I went to offer support to clear up any confusion. When I arrived I noticed my design was ok and really I didn’t need to be there as the tech originally thought. So about 2 hours after I arrived I’m packing up my things to go home because of the strict restrictions of the number of people who are allowed in the electrical lab since the pandemic.

In walks an engineer that I hadn’t seen in a long time. He had been off work even before the pandemic hit because of surgery on his arm. We began talking and catching up, in the middle of conversation he says he’s going to the doctors annually to check a tumor that’s next to his pancreas. I heard in my mind, he’s the reason why I’m in the lab, I smiled on the inside. I asked him if he had anyone pray for it to leave his body before. He smiled and said well no, you want to pray for me? I said yes. He said ok go ahead 😊 so without touching him I asked him where was it exactly and I hovered my hand over where it was located and commanded that tumor to leave his body in the name of Jesus! Releasing the power of Jesus so that it would resolve. Never to come back. All this in the middle of the lab with a few other engineers looking on.

He said well that’s cool thanks, and when he goes for his annual checkup and gets news of that tumor being gone that will flip his mind about everything. I was rejoicing on the inside because he’s not so much a believer, he’s in his 60’s and will be retiring in December of this year. I may never see him in person again before he retires. But he said I will be the first person he calls when he gets the results. I’m so excited, in my spirit I feel confirmation that something happened. Do it for him Jesus 🙏🏽 flip that mind of his for good. I’m just declaring that his life will never be the same 🙌🏽 Hallelujah!!! I went in to work not knowing it was for this guy. Glory to Jesus forever 🙌🏽” EB

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