We are pleased to announce the launch of our Spirit Lifestyle online training Membership Portal. This new web portal gives our subscribers a fantastic package of supernatural training and mentoring support including:

  • Instant access to the entire Spirit Lifestyle online video training catalogue
  • A Membership Group page for news, comments, conversation and connection
  • A monthly live stream Q&A (and archive) with Rob and Aliss
  • Live streaming (and archive) of select Spirit Lifestyle events
  • Access to new video content including training, interviews and guests

Trialing a successful mentoring course with Aliss in the first half of 2019 confirmed there was a need for training, mentoring and connecting spiritually-hungry people all over the world who want a deeper relationship with God to step into all that is available to them in spirit, soul and body. The new mobile friendly Spirit Lifestyle website portal makes it easier than ever for subscribers to instantly access powerful training and mentoring from Rob & Aliss, a supportive online community and regular LIVE Q&A, events and impartation.


The huge array of Spirit Lifestyle episodes are designed to appeal to beginners and seasoned believers alike. The presentation style speaks directly to the viewer with a mixture of real life stories, practical hands-on training, Scripture-based teaching, stunning scenery and music, faith activation homework and prayer for the viewer. Each episode typically comprises of:

1. A short welcome and introduction by Rob and Aliss

2. An introduction of the theme by Aliss (typically with real life video footage relating to the theme)

3. ‘Spirit Basics’ underlying Bible teaching presented by Rob on a variety of locations (followed by a three point recap of teaching points)

4. ‘Spirit Encounters with Aliss’ reinforcing the theme and praying for the viewer

5. Summary and Faith Activation Homework by Rob and Aliss

The episodes work well as a regular activation and can be used for individual or group viewing.


All members have the option of joining our ‘Facebook style’ Community Group Page where you’ll find all the latest snippets of news from Rob and Aliss. This is also a place to share testimonies or challenges and get feedback from other members.


Subscribers can join Rob and Aliss once a month for a live Q&A session to answer all your burning questions! Also, selected events will be streamed as and when they happen. Don’t worry if you miss the live stream because all these broadcasts will be posted on the portal for viewing afterwards.


We have some great new video resources in the pipeline including a teaching accompaniment for Aliss’ book ‘The Normal Supernatural Christian Life’. We also have thought-provoking interviews lined up for you to enjoy with the likes of  Shawn Bolz, Suzy Yaraei, Kamran Yaraei, Paul Keith Davis and many more. And coming soon are ‘devotional meditations’ for you to digest as part of your daily routine.


All this is available to anyone in any country. All you need is access to the internet and you can sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel easily anytime you wish, with no penalties. Such comprehensive and powerful online training and mentoring packages are usually expensive, but we’ve made the decision to keep the subscription cost as low as we possibly can. We want as many people as possible all over the world to encounter the Living God, to find out their purpose in life and live the life they were created for.

We look forward to seeing you on there!