A Significant Jubilee

By Rob & Aliss


This weekend in the UK, along with other nations, we are celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. She is the oldest and longest serving monarch in this nation, celebrating 70 years on the throne.

Early in 2020 I had no idea we were heading towards this Jubilee when we were being prayed over and ‘sent out’ from Chester by the church we both grew up in. We were about to leave our home and our families to travel wherever the Holy Spirit led us. One of the church leaders gave us a prophetic word. She said, “I saw clearly the Queen’s Jubilee. From the top to the bottom of the country, bonfires were lit – beacons that could be seen by each other. God has this in store for you and it’s not just limited to this country…”

So when I realised we were approaching the Queen’s Jubilee I began to get excited, not just because we knew God was going to move powerfully as we followed the Holy Spirit opening Miracle Cafes and Spirit Lifestyle Classes, but because what we are doing is just one small piece of what God is orchestrating around the world through others with a heart after Him.

We knew 2022 would be significant in the UK because it’s a Jubilee year. Jubilees in the Old Testament were every 50 years and they were a year of freedom, of debts being wiped out, of slaves being set free – a time of celebration. Under the New Covenant, Jesus proclaimed liberty for the prisoners, good news to the poor, recovery of sight for the blind, freedom for the oppressed, and the year of the Lord’s favour (Jubilee) for us all (see Luke 4).

The time we are in is a time of restoration – through the power of Jesus; all that the enemy has stolen that is rightfully ours being restored to us (plus interest), a time for freedom, healing and of joy and living in the abundance of God’s favour.

The number 70 is significant in the Bible and signifies restoration. It is made up of 7 representing perfection and 10 completeness. Just some of the many instances in the Bible include: 70 elders went up Mt Sinai with Moses and ate with God, encountering His presence. After 70 years of Babylonian captivity, the Israelites were dramatically set free. From the destruction of the first temple to the completion of the second was 70 years. Jesus sent out 70 of His followers to go and preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus shared 70 parables as He spoke of the kingdom of heaven, and so on.

And this weekend is also Pentecost, where Christians around the world celebrate the Holy Spirit being poured out for the early believers, and for us too. As they were being baptised with the Holy Spirit, the Jews were celebrating the festival of Pentecost – the beginning of the wheat harvest.

Could it be that we are in the beginnings of the end-time harvest of souls? I do believe that we are. The signs are all around. Ten years ago this month, while Rick Joyner was with us in Chester, he prophesied: “…I saw many small groups in strategic places, churches starting in cafes… Like in the Lord of the Rings movie, I see signal fires and beacons. The Lord is establishing signal fires and there will be places and people that you would look to and see if they’re putting their signal out and you would know what the signal is. These are the sons of Issachar and they are establishing beacons on the high places…”

The ’sons of Issachar’ were men who understood the times they were in, who could discern the signs and knew what to do. Last night, as the Queen lit the first beacon, 3500 others were ignited in the UK and many other nations too. It’s time to see the signs as God is igniting His fires in the UK and around the world, and be the beacons that we are called to be, as the Holy Spirit fans into flame this long-awaited heavenly invasion. God save the Queen!

About the Author: Rob & Aliss

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Rob & Aliss Cresswell have pioneered initiatives through which many have encountered salvation, healings and miracles. Through their events, books, online portal and community at SpiritLifestyle.com, Rob & Aliss equip others all over the world to live the Spirit Lifestyle.

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