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Resurrection Power this Easter

As I write this blog, tears are streaming down my face. I remember the time just before we opened our little café in Blacon, Chester. It was ten years ago that we got the keys. I’d been feeling a mix of emotions all that year: of joy and excitement coupled with a holy discontent and hunger for more. It followed years of hard work, laying down of everything, contending, searching, desperation, disappointment but persevering anyway and not giving up.

And when we opened our café in February 2009 it happened. A move of God broke out. Things I could only ever dream of began to happen. In real life. Every day. A move of God was birthed from that little café that touched the world. Miracles and supernatural demonstrations of God’s power that blew my mind.

This move of God has been quietly gaining momentum

And now it’s happening again. Those same feelings over the past year: I knew something tremendous was going to break out this year. But this time it’s different. Of course, the move of God that began in Blacon in 2009 hasn’t stopped, but it was like a tributary, a small stream running into the main river. Hundreds of people encountered Jesus for the first time, receiving dramatic miracles, experiencing love, forgiveness of sins, spiritual rebirth and a sense of purpose and belonging. This move of God has been quietly gaining momentum but now as more and more choose to lay down their lives and follow Jesus no matter the cost and wherever He leads, it’s gaining traction and coming out into the open. It’s being made public and it’s becoming a fast flowing river.

Living by faith

I contended for years for God to move in power through me. Years of really pressing in through the disappointments and knock backs and hard work and sleepless nights and no money and laying everything down, including my career, our business, our pay packets, our dream home. We’ve been living by faith ever since. But now He’s asking us to do it again. Leaving the comfort of our home. Leaving our families and our new grandson and stepping out in faith, into the unknown but knowing that God is with us. He’s sending us out to help others all over the world.

I’d love to build something. Something that people can see, like successful businesses, and a big ministry and buildings, an apostolic network, equipping centres, hubs and churches. But the Lord has told us just to lay everything down. Not my will, but yours Father God. He’s shown us that we’re to extend His Kingdom and go wherever the Holy Spirit leads us and just do what He shows us and speak what He tells us. And He will build His church. I think we’ve had it upside down. We’ve been attempting to build something, but that’s His job. And He’ll do it through many people working together. We’re each to be obedient and extend His Kingdom, no matter what it looks like. No matter what people say. It isn’t about me after all. That’s what I’ve come to realise.

He wants us to birth this move of God together

The Lord has spoken to us clearly. He is sending us out, this time to partner with people all over the world who He is also speaking to. People who have been in His training ground, whom He’s been preparing, often in secret and now He’s commissioning them. Some of them have only come to know Him recently and others have been following Him for years. But He wants us to birth this move of God together, and the Holy Spirit is connecting us with the right people in the right places so we can help them, not build our own movements, but work together, partnering to bring in His harvest, not in competition but laying down our lives and doing what He shows us. And that’s why this move of God is with great demonstrations of His power and of love. We will be known by our love. Just as when Jesus went to the cross, laying down His life for us in love. At the darkest hour, when it looked as though it was all over, when it looked as though death and darkness had won, that’s when the resurrection power of God was released. And so it will be with us.

I don’t want this move of God to be stillborn. One of my daughters was stillborn. It was horrendous. I will do anything to see this move of God become established and not cut short. The signs of new life are everywhere. In the last few of my video diaries, you can see some of these new converts giving their lives to Jesus. But this time it’s different. They’re not just saying a prayer and for the most part never seen again. These new converts want to be mentored, they’re becoming His disciples and are ready to follow Jesus wherever He leads them. They’re hungry for the things of the Spirit.

Step out in faith and move in resurrection power

Where are the harvesters? Where are the mothers and fathers? If you’re there, please let us know. We need each other. Are you willing to lay down your life? Are you willing to die to your own ambitions and goals and fulfilment? Are you willing to lay down everything and help birth this move of God? Will you be a labourer in the harvest fields?

As you lay down your life and reckon yourself dead, along with Christ (see Galatians 2:20) only then will you be able to step out in faith and move in resurrection power, releasing the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere you go, with signs and wonders following. Only then will those hungry for the things of the Spirit, hungry for God, be convicted by the Spirit of Jesus and turn to God with all of their heart.

This time it’s different. This is a new season. There is so much good soil around for planting. We’ve been ploughing for long enough. The soil is fertile with our tears and all that we’ve laid down. Jesus says that as the seed of the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven is scattered on good soil, it will produce a harvest beyond your wildest dreams. (Matthew 13:23 MSG). It’s time. Who’s in?

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About the Author:

Aliss Cresswell is an international speaker, business woman and miracle worker, training and equipping in the supernatural realms to impact the world with the love and power of the gospel. Aliss and her husband Rob are based in Chester, UK. They head up MorningStar Europe and have two children. Her first book 'A Diary of Miracles' is inspiring many to share the good news of Jesus Christ and heal the sick wherever they are.


  1. Daniel Allamena March 28, 2018 at 10:34 am - Reply

    Hi Aliss! You just keep on because I am still blessed by God because of you ! It is a new time… God has just been directing toward the Lion of God. His judgement power and ministry. But l could not have gotten there without your Lamb of God ministry . It is my foundation always And without you I get out of balance So of course we work together. And it’s all by faith as you say. March 27 is my birthday and He provided for me miraculously Thank you for keeping on. PS. You are stronger than me!!!

  2. Janet March 28, 2018 at 10:36 am - Reply

    Thank you Aliss for an inspiring read!
    I have just left all of my belongings, career, stuff in South Africa for what I believe is an adventure with Jesus in the United Kingdom!
    He has us all on the move – if we can stomach the change!
    God bless your journey! Exciting times!

  3. Ginny March 28, 2018 at 10:37 am - Reply

    🙂 God bless you both in your exciting new endeavor! God is going to lead you into new adventures and your lives will be enriched in ways you never thought possible.
    Dream Big!

  4. Joy Theda Bjork March 29, 2018 at 10:32 am - Reply

    I have been a mother nurturer to men and women for years, Aliss….. The Lord has given me many children! I gave birth to one son, but always wanted a daughter…. now I have five, who look to me for guidance and comfort…. Please pray for us – I just had an exhibition of my art (acrylics and watercolor) in Gamla Stan (Old City), Stockholm, where I live 22 years now with my Sw. husband Anders. We are both psalmists, songwriters, musicians, and I work in other mediums too…. threads, fabric, beads… wanting to use all He has given me for Him. Also a pioneer in dance, since 1990. love to hear from you. I have your first two books…. we were praying/hoping to rent apt that is just below us, for a studio where I have more space to work, and also teach…. just learned someone else is getting it….. but went to sleep last night with Holy Spirit singing “something tells me I’m in for something good”…… He is so faithful…. speaks to me in songs very much…. love Joy

  5. Crystal Wass March 29, 2018 at 10:33 am - Reply

    Aliss! Come to Edmonton, Alberta! We need you! We’ve got mountains close by, tubing down rivers, West Edmonton Mall, Rockies, and people who need to hear your voice. I’m in! I’ve missed all your workshops… I come close enough to book flights then have to cancel. I got your package … your CDs, books. Your three wooden sign posts. I need an anointing and a healing. Would love to meet you in person. I tell a lot of people about Sid Roth and I’ve watched you on there. Absolutely amazing! I will pray for a healing and a victory for me and ask God to also lead you to Alberta Canada. We would love and cherish you here! Please contact me if you’d like to come or have any questions. Lots of options to speak at churches or parks or hold a workshop.. ❤️?

  6. Kellie Seboa March 30, 2018 at 10:30 am - Reply

    Hi Aliss and Rob, thank you for sharing the ministry through video. I am blessed and encouraged to see the move of the Holy Spirit! Please know you have a friend in franklin (Nashville) Tn. If you find yourselves in Nashville area -would love to connect.
    More in store in 2018! Bless you!
    Kellie Seboa

  7. Ashley Wenner April 3, 2018 at 10:29 am - Reply

    I find it no coincidence that I had just sent that contact email to you before reading this. Thank you for these words- feeling called. How to balance your love of family and daily job of raising small people while
    Hungering for God and his kingdom work? Sit back and let God do it. Hallelujah

  8. Patti Moys April 9, 2018 at 10:27 am - Reply

    Ah Aliss. You beautiful heart. How precious you are. Thank you for daring to be different, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, no matter what the cost, for your willingness to lay everything down in order to gain more of Him and fulfil His plans and purposes through you. We are so encouraged by your testimony, it resonates with us – particularly the tough times! It gives us hope, that all we have sacrificed really is for a higher purpose, that we weren’t deluded when we refused to settle for the status quo and do what everyone else was doing that seemed to work well for them. Thank you too for your honesty – that you’d like to build something big and be known. So often I’ve felt like Cinderella! (I’ve had that prophesied over me too!) I know whose I am and what He has invested in me, but for 40 years it has been mostly hidden, appreciated only by a few. HIS Name and renown are the desire of our hearts. We’re so very glad for the opportunity to work with you this year. Love, P x

  9. Sarah Stone April 13, 2018 at 10:26 am - Reply

    I’m in!
    So hungry for God and for Him to break in to my town! Doing everything I’m learning to help that on it’s way, hallelujah!

  10. LILLIAN P BLACK August 28, 2018 at 10:25 am - Reply

    I am ready to do and go where God want me. The time is now

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