Be a guardian of memories (and Café Life song below)

Watch this video as Aliss shares how writing down and speaking or singing about God’s faithfulness can take you out of despair and grief and bring you hope, and also releases miracles. Then scroll down to watch the ‘Café Life’ song and see chord charts to write your own verses…

The ‘Café Life’ Song

This is our story, this is our song! This video contains real life footage of just some of the hundreds of miracles that happened when we opened our little café in Blacon, Chester in 2009. Rob Cresswell and friends perform the Café Life Song. (Look out for appearances in the video of visitors to our café all the way from America: Rick Joyner, Jonathan Helser, Rick Pino, Sean Feucht, Kamran & Suzy Yaraei, Adam Cates, United Pursuit etc etc!) Verses (words and tune) copyright Rob Cresswell, chorus from ‘Blessed Assurance’ old hymn by Fanny Crosby. Why not write more verses with your own lyrics of what God has done in your life? (Chord charts and extra verse below)…


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Chord charts and words (including extra verse) for the ‘Café Life’ song

Modulate up one tone to F# B C# etc after second verse (optional)
Intro Rhythm on ‘E’
Jane believed and got saved today
Lump on her arm just faded away
Shirley came in on crutches soon
She walked right on across the room
Carl was freaked by his ankle sound
Did a somersault landed on the ground…
knee got healed and he didn’t know how,
He said, ‘Thank you very much… it’s better
it’s better now!’…..
(B) E A E
This is our story; this is our song,
A F#7 B
Praising our Saviour, all the day long
This is our story; this is our song,
F#m B7 E
Praising our Saviour, all the day long

Matt and Mark – they bought Bibles
Got saved, baptised became disciples
Pete got a skin graft, Keiran got a fright
and Mel transported in the middle of the
Terry came in with his fingers in pain
“Glass come out in Jesus name”
Next day came Terry with a story to tell
And the glass in his foot… came out as well!!
Liam saw the glory cloud today
Then everyone kneeled and started to pray
Holy Spirit came and they all went
Just another day in the Jesus flow
Little girl’s eye was turned away
Aliss said “Jesus can heal it today”
Mother said “I don’t believe but go ahead”
Then “Oh my God… tell me about Jesus… instead!”

Mandi needed a fix real bad
Couldn’t find the dealer – she got mad
Then a voice inside her head
Said “Go to Café Life instead”
She saw Ian and got a surprise
She got a fix that won’t subside
Jesus became her habit that day
And all withdrawals… faded away.

This is our story; this is our song,
Praising our saviour, all the day long…
This is our story; this is our song,
Praising our Saviour…

Rob Cresswell 2009 / Fanny Crosby & Phoebe Knapp 1873

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