A sniper on my doorstep!

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Diary Date 2nd July 2020

I had a sniper on my doorstep yesterday! Well, actually he used to be a sniper in the British Army but now he’s a delivery man. He remarked on the stunning location of our cottage and I told him we’d only been here three months. When he asked how we’d ended up here, I felt obliged to tell him that the Holy Spirit had got us to pack up our home, to get in the car and follow wherever He led us and this is where we’d ended up. I shared how after we’d arrived I read an old journal entry where years back, I’d written the dreams of my heart, and how what we’re doing now and where we’re living is exact in almost every detail to what I’d dreamed. And that by being obedient to the Lord’s call, He’d brought us to this point.

Without knowing anything about the man, I began to prophesy and the Lord showed me how He’d kept him safe and preserved his life over the years to bring him to this point and that He’d been chosen by God and now it was time that he choose to follow Him.

The delivery man shared with me how he’d been a sniper and he had to admit that he’d been close to death so many times, and perhaps it was God who had protected him. At the time, he couldn’t fathom why he was still alive.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

However, after being posted to war zones throughout the 1980s and 90s he told me that he still had PTSD after all these years and how it had caused him and his wife to split up. He got to such a low point that he actually tried to kill himself – he told me the steps he took to end his life, but at the last minute his dog licked his hand which caused him to not go through with it.

I don’t think he had a relationship with God, but he bravely told me how he’d cried through the night and begged God to help him. Amazingly he explained how after crying out to God, he and his wife got back together, but still, even now he was unable to sleep. Not only has he constantly had awful flashbacks where he sees horrific images but he smells the putrid stench from war regularly even after all these years.

My heart went out to him and he let me pray. Keeping the required two metre distance, I stretched out my hand and he put his over his heart. I could feel the power of God touching his heart and I released the love of the Father into his body, soul and spirit, to cleanse him of all bad memories and of trauma. I gave him one of my booklets ‘Your Spirit Life’ and I wrote down our friend’s name for him to check out: Neil Obbard who was also a sniper in the Army. As well as writing a book on his own life, he also features in my latest book. I would love to hear back from this guy and hear that he is now able to sleep and that the flashbacks have gone, but I pray that he would continue to encounter Jesus every day.

Diary Date 29th July 2020

I saw the ex-sniper again today when he was back delivering our groceries. He’d had PTSD for 15 years since coming out of the army; he couldn’t sleep, he had nightmares and flashbacks – he could even smell the awful stench from his past.

I am soooooo happy. He told me how since the day I prayed for him on my doorstep, he has slept soundly all night. That he would often violently elevate up from the bed while he was sleeping, he was so tormented and it would disturb his wife. But now he sleeps well. He told me it’s been 15 years since he last slept properly. But now he feels peace, that everything is well with him. I could have hugged him, but managed to remain at a distance 😊 God is so good.

I didn’t think I’d see him again, so I’m really pleased I got the chance to find out what happened since I prayed. I gave him my latest book ‘Unexpected Miracles’ as one of the miracle stories in there is of Neil, also a sniper whose life also dramatically changed when he met Jesus.

You too can be free!

If you know anyone with PTSD, whether ex-military or who has faced any sort of trauma, please share this post with them and let them know that the power of Jesus is available to set them free forever. Just call on His name and receive it by faith – And if you want moral support or help to get free, consider joining one of our weekly online Classes at SpiritLifestyle.com

Let Jesus into your mind, your heart, into your spirit, soul and body and be healed, set free from trauma, from torment, from any thoughts of ending your life. Let the Holy Spirit wash away all painful and negative memories in the name of Jesus and receive His peace and life everlasting. God loves you and you can be free, right now, through the power of Jesus!


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Mrs Andrina Benson
Mrs Andrina Benson
3 days ago

What a wonderful example of God’s Grace and Love Aliss. May He continue to richly bless you and Rob. When I was in England three years ago I visited your place in/near Liverpool and was so disappointed that you were not there but in USA. However, I do follow your videos often and thoroughly enjoy them. I too have always wanted to be God’s Presence in others’ lives and desire to see us get back to the days of the New Testament where miracles and healings and binding of demonic spirits happen regularly. In the past I have been blessed… Read more »

4 days ago

That’s glorious! Will forward it to several people. Love you amazing guys X

6 days ago

That’s a comfort to hear that you have your dream cottage. I was wondering where God was taking you. This sounds very nice and a well deserved blessing.
I hope Beryl receives healing through this ministry.

Gloria Cofer
Gloria Cofer
6 days ago

Soooo awesome. This is the lifestyle we should be experiencing everydY. God bless you continue to expand.

beryl dean avatar
6 days ago

So inspired I receive these posts Through email. Unbelievable I watched the Betsy and sniper one. I have a problem with base of spine nerves or something the drs don’t know. It results in painful thigh .. I have stomach bowel issues that they also can’t find a prognosis for and still waiting fir delayed scans etc. Then read the sniper Story and I too have PTSD due to a stressful life of domestic abuse in different forms and family abuse problems that have been traumatic for my children and myself and then heart surgery … I have great faith… Read more »