What’s your PURPOSE? Do you have one? Ask most people that question and they’d likely shrug and say, “Er… hang on… my purpose? What do you mean exactly?” Or if they did have an answer it would be so vague as to not make a whole lot of difference to what life might actually look like: ‘Be a good person’, ‘Have a family and be successful’ – that sort of thing.

Most of us don’t think in terms of having a purpose, we just get on with it the best we can. We know what we like, we hope we’ll meet ‘the right person’ and settle down and then spend most of our time doing a job in order to survive; paying the rent and putting food on the table. There’s nothing wrong with that, but instinctively most also feel that there must be more to life.

But often, even our most significant decisions, like ‘where I’m going to live and work’ can feel, at best opportunistic; we just take what we can when we can get it. And at worst, they seem accidental. We sort of end up doing something because we just happened to be there at the time or we didn’t know what else to do. Perhaps our parents thought we should do something or ‘I just didn’t have a better plan’.

Ever feel like that? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us don’t feel like we’re in control of the direction of our lives; we’re just trying to get by with the limited choices and resources we have and (if we’re at all spiritually minded) asking God from time to time to help us out or bless us in those endeavours.

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