This email freaked me out!

Aliss: I just read an email from a young lady I met a couple of years ago. We’d piloted ‘Spirit Lifestyle Roadshows’ based on the idea of the UK TV antiques show ‘Flog It’. We invited people via local paid ads on social media to come for healing, miracles, life words and dream interpretation. Then we got some of our friends ready to minister to them and set up cameras. We had no idea if anyone would come, but we were really pleased with the turnout.

We saw some incredible miracles and many gave their lives to Jesus. We haven’t released the footage yet as we’ve been so busy!

But today I heard back from a young woman who had attended our Chester roadshow. She came alone and as far as I know she had no personal knowledge of God. I remember praying with her on camera as she gave her life to Jesus. I’ll dig out the video if I can find it and see if she’s willing to do an interview with me to share what’s happened since.

Here is what I just read:

“Dear Aliss, I keep wanting to get in touch. I have been saved now thanks to the Lord bringing me over two years ago now. Well you said Life would never be the same and it wasn’t. Life changed in that instant. I left full of the Holy Spirit! Everything changed, what I listened to, watched, people I spent time with. I knew immediately that “Surrendering” and “Obedience” were to be paramount. I now know the Holy Spirit was teaching me this. The Lord met me supernaturally from the start.

Signs & Wonders

I saw signs, had visions, I was even met in my bedroom in the first weeks of being saved by clouds of what I can only describe as gold glitter. This would stay with me from time to time for a whole year at night. The Lord would plant words in my spirit that I would have to look them up and they would always minister to me or others in that moment. The Holy Spirit was my great companion from the start. I joined schools in America online hungry to deepen in his presence and learn the word.

I prayed “Lord show me” all the time and he has truly always been faithful, supernaturally. The Lord would speak in numbers, times on a clock and I’d look up the scripture and there and then it would speak to me. The Lord healed me of so many things I didn’t even know I needed healing from. I spent about 7 months out in Asia, giving up my home in Chester and giving away my possessions. I guess Malaysia was a time for finding and dwelling in the secret place. The Lord gave me signs all the time that I was stepping out in obedience the right way.

Supernatural Confirmation

I met a Chinese Malaysian christian in Kuala Lumpur. I told her about Aliss Cresswell and the day I was saved and out of her handbag she pulled a perfume card out with your name on it! I mean this story really shows how God just kept speaking to me in ways that I could see and hear. In Malaysia I would journal, spend time soaking and did lots of fasting. Just nudged in my spirit about what to do next. I met some really amazing people of faith there who taught me what truly living in the spirit was and could always teach me in the word. I learnt so much.

More recently, the lockdown has been the most amazing time in solitude with God for me. When I got saved I was a singer. I’d done this for 20 years. I distinctly heard God say “That stops now and if it should come back you will know that it is me” so I gave up all of the bands I sang with, of course nobody understood and I couldn’t explain, all I knew was to obey and not proceed in my own understanding. Once the lockdown happened, I just spent day and night in the presence. I live alone, I’m a speech therapist in the day, but I had all this extra time, so I just spent more time with God.

Songs from heaven

I started writing songs, not something I’ve ever had worldly skill at. But these songs sounded beautiful and I just knew they were not of me. All of a sudden I could write lyrics! I also felt nudged to buy a keyboard and in no time I was playing chords and writing songs on it, having never played before. As the Holy Spirit nudged me each day I’d keep saying “Are you sure?” But again once I obeyed or stepped out in Faith I felt rewarded and blessed. That was in March I wrote my first lyrics. I’m now about to go into the studio and record my first album of worship songs!

I mean this is none of me and all of HIM- I have just been obedient- it surprises me so much! And it seems God is putting so many wonderful people around me to help make it happen. Impressed on my heart was this was not to be an album of self gain like I have seen many in fact every musician do. The Lord spoke and told me proceeds of this album will go to charity, so this is the plan… All this from the girl who rather enjoyed being invisible before she knew our great God. Oh how he probably chuckles to himself! Knowing Jesus has and is changing my life each and every day. The best day of my life was being born again and I absolutely have you to thank!”

Now you can see why I’m freaked out!

Such a crazy story of how our wonderful God works. Doing the roadshows was a complete step of faith for us but as usual we try to be obedient and leave the rest up to God. He will produce the fruit as we abide in Him.

The harvest is coming in through the supernatural love and power of God and with signs, wonders and miracles following.

We’ll keep posting miracle stories from around the world as they come in, but it’s proving quite difficult to keep up with them all! What incredible days we live in. Look around you – the fields are ready to be harvested and we invite you to step out in faith and join the movement. Don’t hesitate any longer, what you’ve been waiting for is here!