A witch is coming round for tea!

“Hi All, any tips on talking about Jesus to witches? I’ve got one coming for tea tomorrow!” This was posted on our SpiritLifestyle.com community page earlier this week from one of our members. It’s wonderful how our community members are seeing incredible answers to prayer as they step out in faith. Read the following thread of what was written next…

“She is actually my neighbour! Several nights ago I had a dream that she was bothered by a spirit which she didn’t want around her (I could see it too) so she asked about it and I told her it was because she has opened a door to a spiritual realm that she is unable to close and that things both wanted and unwanted can come through to her. In the dream I took authority over the situation and told her to follow Jesus. What surprised me about the dream was that she was totally accepting of it all and then wanted to follow Jesus. So I’m praying it will be that simple today! I’m going to tell her about the dream and see what opens up.” Then later on she wrote this….

“Wow!! God is so good. So just had my neighbour for tea (made it really nice with pretty china etc) and let her chat a bit. Kept hearing the Holy Spirit prompting me with ‘just listen’ ‘ask about this….’ ‘wait’ and then ‘now!’ And that was my prompt to share with her the dream I had about her and the interpretation I had. I sensed spiritual heaviness and darkness around her that she can’t get rid of. I felt the flow of the Holy Spirit’s words and said I sensed she was lonely and empty and God created her and loved her and wants to be in a relationship with her. I then talked about Jesus being The Door and in His name she can close these open spiritual doors that are from darkness but she should really also accept Him in her heart – and told her why.

She was completely receptive and a little gob-smacked as she said this is the answer she’s been waiting ages for in her life!! She said she felt like she’s been in a story with lots of twists and turns but now it’s been resolved…

I asked if she wanted me to pray and she did so I lifted my hand towards her and then prayed for the light of heaven to pour down on her and invited Jesus to be in a love-relationship with her and for the Holy Spirit to be her comfort and friend. She cried as I prayed and I sensed relief in her and then talked more about God’s pure love for her. I saw a light come over her face and a hope in her eyes that hasn’t been there before.

Thank you Jesus!! I gave her ‘Your spirit life’ booklet and my last copy of ‘Unexpected Miracles’ – which she loved the title of. And explained about the SpiritLifestyle.com portal. Thank you so much for all who have prayed.
What an immense blessing. Above all Thank you Lord Jesus!!” LD

God is on the move! Don’t let Covid or anything else stop you being part of the incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is happening right now. It’s harvest time!

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