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50th Birthday Blog by Aliss Cresswell

This month it's my 50th birthday. Earlier in the year, Rob asked what I would like for my birthday, maybe some jewellery or to go somewhere special? I couldn’t think of anything in particular that I needed, so I asked the Holy Spirit what I should ask for. I sensed Him say, “How about helping birth a worldwide move of God?” Of course, that’s what I really want with all my heart, so I readily agreed. Soon afterwards, on Easter Monday I was chatting to the Lord and I asked, “What am I doing that will get in the way

Supernatural Knowledge from the Holy Spirit

An extract from 'The Normal Supernatural Christian Life' by Aliss Cresswell 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 lists nine gifts that are given to us from the Holy Spirit. One of these gifts is described by the Apostle Paul as a “word of knowledge” (see verse 8). A word of knowledge is when someone is given information from the Holy Spirit about something that they would not naturally know, like the example of the lady on the bus (¹). We can also operate in the Spirit of Knowledge which is listed in Isaiah 11:2. The Holy Spirit knows what is going on in

Well-being and healing for the whole person

When it comes to well-being we can have a tendency to focus on physical healing. The bad backs, the blood and skin conditions and the ‘incurable’ diseases – we have seen God heal all these and more. But having physical miracles like broken bones instantly mended is only one aspect of healing. The Bible teaches us that we are not only physical beings but spiritual as well (Genesis 2:7) Putting it simply, on the one hand we have a body which is purely physical; it feels pain and is subject to aging, it needs food and sleep. But we also

Launching UK and USA Spirit Lifestyle Stores

This week sees the launch of an additional online store so that we can give a better service to our American and Canadian customers. We are establishing a new base in the USA so that shipping will be better value and much quicker for our American and Canadian friends. The store will also have a base currency of US dollars so that there are no exchange charges or conversions for the US customers. New visitors arriving on Spirit Lifestyle will be asked to choose between our UK and USA stores depending on their preference for shipping and currency. LANDING PAGE

Heavenly Realms in Earthly Matters

Heavenly realms is a term we use for speaking about spiritual realities in spiritual dimensions. The term heavenly denotes a place higher or more perfect that our earthly one and the term realm contextualizes this place as being under the rule and reign of God.  Though we understand that these heavenly realms are in another dimension it's a mistake to believe that they are irrelevant to earthly matters. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that what happens in these spiritual realms has a direct bearing to what happens on earth. What's more these realms are not remote and inaccessible to

Revival – where is it? by Aliss Cresswell

For years, I prayed for God to send revival. I read Isaiah 64 and begged God to rend the heavens and come down, for people to turn out in droves to our church services and to get saved in the meetings. One day I came to the realisation that God had already rent the heavens and come down to earth, born in a stable, despised by men, had given Himself up for me. He had died on a cross, He overcame Satan and all the powers of darkness and hell, sin, death, sickness and pain and commissioned His followers to

My Marriage Secrets by Aliss Cresswell

Rob and I celebrated 28 years of marriage this month. It got me thinking how I've had people tell me "Everything’s OK for you, you're a ‘woman of God’ with everything going for you, full of faith and seeing miracles every day." They seem to think that I have it easy somehow and I don’t have problems that ‘normal’ people have. And it’s true that I am married to a wonderful man who I wouldn’t trade for the world, but we’ve had our share of difficult times. There’s the time that our baby daughter died and then a few years

Dreams of the Night that Influence the Day

Dreaming while sleeping is common to all the people of the world. From babies to, children to adults - we all dream. Dreams are strange experiences, sometimes so lucid and convincing that they cause us to actually speak or move in our sleep. Dream worlds are weird; they have different rules, they seem to be mixtures of the familiar and the unknown. Many people ignore their dreams even if they are disturbing or intriguing. However since Bible times dreams have been recognized by spiritual people as one of the primary ways that God can speak to us. Throughout Bible times

A Purposeful Life – Knowing Your Purpose

Do you have a purposeful life? Ask the average person why they are here, what's the reason for their existence, and you will probably get a shrug. Sadly, ask your average believer the same question and you're likely to get the same answer. However, the scriptures are clear that we are created for a reason and that God has a purpose and a plan for all of us: In Jeremiah 29:11 God says to his people that he has good plans for them: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and

Choruses From The Rock by T S Eliot

While writing the script for the latest Spirit Lifestyle episode I came across a poem by T S Eliot called 'Choruses from the Rock'. Here's an extract: The endless cycle of idea and action, Endless invention, endless experiment, Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness; Knowledge of speech, but not of silence; Knowledge of words, and ignorance of the Word. Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? Written in 1934 it was a prophetic poem in a century that

Supernatural Workshop

It's always such a privilege to get to train and activate people from far and wide at one of our workshops at Little Mollington Hall and this week was no exception. To have over 25 like-minded people gathered together to learn and encourage one another in the things of the Holy Spirit is really powerful. And, though we trust that our teaching and equipping exercises are inspiring and impactful, we know that there is a powerful dimension added with the enthusiasm and energy of the group. There's nothing quite like it. Getting together with others who are all hungry for


Filming in some peaceful meadows for our ANCIENT PATHS episode on devotional prayer this week it was nice to have some sunshine in a month that can be very rainy in the UK. Also pleased to mix in some lovely location shots from a day I spent at Valle Crucis Abbey in Llangollen. In Matthew 6 Jesus instructed us to pray in secret, in the hidden places and not to seek the admiration of people. Of course in our western culture we have all but eradicated prayer from public life and I'm sure this was not what Jesus meant. In

The Overflowing Life

It's been great to get the 'Ancient Pathways' online training series underway. This week we went to one of the highest waterfalls in North Wales called Pistyll Rhaeadr which means (spring of the waterfall). It took quite a bit of driving through those narrow Welsh roads to get there (you know, the ones where you're always hoping that nothing is coming the other way) but the trip was worth it. We got some stunning footage of the falls and it really works well with the theme - 'the overflowing life'. We're focusing on five classic Christian devotions in this series

Online Training Course Launched

We're excited to announce that we have launched our new online training course 'Ancient Paths to personal freedom' with episode one 'Soul Garden'. The seven episodes will be released weekly on SpiritLifestyle.com and the new episodes will be accessible through 'My Courses' as they are published. Rob and Aliss Cresswell present a training series exploring some of the classic Christian devotions: charity, prayer, fasting, worship and meditation. Using Matthew chapter 6 as a guide, learners will be taken through teaching that lays out the value of each discipline, the way that the Holy Spirit works through them and how to

Soul Garden

Excited to be filming for our upcoming series 'Ancient Pathways'. Took the cameras to Bodnant Gardens in North Wales and caught some stunning shots after the summer rain. Looking forward to considering how we work with the Holy Spirit in our soul garden to cultivate the 'imperishable seed' (1 Peter 1:23) that he has planted in our lives. We will follow Jesus' sermon on the mount teachings in Matthew 6 and look at how some of the classic Christian devotions can help us to deepen our spirituality today. The series will be published weekly exclusively on SpiritLifestyle.com

New Website

New Spirit Lifestyle website launches! We’re busy working on our website to launch our new Spirit Lifestyle initiative. We still have more things to add to the website, but we wanted to get it live so that you can have a look at what we’ve done so far. You can find out who we are, join our community or buy products all on this site. Please let us know what you think of it so far.

New Video Series: Ancient Pathways to Personal Freedom

We're getting ready to do a new 7 part video course as part of the Spirit Lifestyle eLearning portfolio. Typically we tend to have a focus on the Spirit empowered life. We see this as a personal calling but also as a mandate to encourage and equip others into a spiritually dynamic faith that sees the manifestation of God's power in all kinds of wonderful ways. The danger of with having an emphasis like this is that some other aspects of the believers life are in danger of being overlooked or ignored. On the whole this isn't a problem because