Magicians worship Jesus by Aliss Cresswell

Magicians worship Jesus

By Aliss Cresswell

I was thinking of the Christmas story and how ‘wise men’ followed a star and discovered Jesus, the Messiah. It just dawned on me that the word for ‘wise men’ in the original text in Matthew 2 is ‘magos’ which actually means ‘magicians’ or ‘sorcerors’.

These men were Eastern mystics: they weren’t Jews or religious types. They were astrologers and soothsayers. But in their hunger and quest for the things of the spirit, they saw a sign in the heavens – a large star. Because they were used to interpreting heavenly signs, they deciphered that the ‘King of the Jews’ had been born and they wanted to worship him.

Of all the people you could imagine undertaking such an arduous journey and bringing expensive gifts to Jesus, surely you would think the sorcerors, magicians and astrologers would be the last to arrive. But no, they were some of the first to seek out Jesus and worshipped Him!

I tell you that right now, hundreds and thousands of people who are hungry for the things of the spirit and who want to experience a higher power, or simply looking for heavenly ‘signs’ are seeking out Jesus in their droves.

Unfortunately, just like history repeating itself, many religious people and those full of pride are in danger of missing out as the masses are beginning to give up everything in order to obtain the ‘Pearl of Great Price’ – Jesus.

If you are one who is hungry for the supernatural and the tangible presence and power of God in your life, then I encourage you to speak to Jesus right now. Invite His Holy Spirit to come and ask Jesus to show Himself to you. Let me know what happens!

About the Author: Aliss Cresswell

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Aliss Cresswell believes in the God of miracles and living a life full of love and power. Through pioneering Miracle Cafés and Spirit Lifestyle training, Aliss and her husband Rob equip and activate those who pursue a Spirit-filled life to demonstrate God’s power and transform communities everywhere they go.

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