Fibromyalgia demon by Aliss Cresswell

Lady Gaga and Kirsty Young’s Pain from Hell

By Aliss Cresswell

The singer Lady Gaga and Desert Island Disc’s Kirsty Young suffer from a condition from hell: Fibromyalgia.

Thirty two year old Lady Gaga has been hospitalised with severe pain and recently cancelled tours because of it. And the UK’s television presenter and Desert Island Disc’s host, Kirsty Young has quit her job until further notice, citing the same condition.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding around fibromyalgia, because up until recently, the condition wasn’t widely accepted as a real illness”, says Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at McGill University.

Thousands of people suffer from this debilitating condition, and it’s only over the past few years that doctors have given this severe pain throughout the body a name – fibromyalgia. However, in my opinion that should be spelled ‘D-E-M-O-N’!

There is a solution

Over the years I have met numerous people suffering from chronic pain that doctors are unable to cure. No matter what they do, the pain is still there. Conditions that are in fact spiritually rooted are often difficult to diagnose and may have no obvious root cause or reason for the pain. This makes it hard for the sufferer and my heart goes out to them. But the fact of the matter is, there is a solution. His name is Jesus and we have seen so many people instantly cured and set free from fibromyalgia through the power of Jesus. One was a theology student in his thirties who’d been in a wheelchair for ten years because of fibromyalgia. Another was a Muslim lady who came into our shop with support bandages on her arms and legs. Another was Angela who featured in my latest book. Another was the woman from Virginia shown in my recent video blog. And many more. All of whom received immediate and total healing.

For some of you reading this, understanding that the cause of your pain is simply an evil spirit is like being given the gift of a new life. In fact, that’s what is happening. You have just been given a key. Now what you need to do is use that key to unlock the chains of pain that bind you, that hold you prisoner, and set yourself free. It’s the power of Jesus that is the key.

Let’s use this key now and pray this out loud together:

“Father God, thank you that you love me and that you have a good plan for my life. Thank you Jesus that you died on the cross for me and that you took all my sin, all my sicknesses and all my pain. Father God I ask you to forgive me for coming into agreement with the spirit of pain and fibromyalgia. I break that agreement through the power of the blood of Jesus and I command the spirit of pain and fatigue to leave me now in the mighty name of Jesus. And Lord Jesus I ask you to come into my life and fill me with your Holy Spirit.”

As you do that, breathe in the Holy Spirit and breathe or cough out the evil spirits that are causing the symptoms. And keep telling them to leave until they’re gone. They may put up a fight and your symptoms may temporarily increase, but be encouraged that they’re leaving and don’t give in: Jesus is so much more powerful than the enemy.

For further insight, miracle stories and powerful prayers, you may be interested in my new book HOW TO BE HEALED AND STAY HEALED.

How to Be Healed and Stay Healed by Aliss Cresswell

Make sure you let me know as soon as you are healed! I’m cheering you on. And together let’s put a stop to the many illnesses that are debilitating people everywhere. Jesus can make a difference through you. It’s time to fight.

About the Author: Aliss Cresswell

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Aliss Cresswell believes in the God of miracles and living a life full of love and power. Through pioneering Miracle Cafés and Spirit Lifestyle training, Aliss and her husband Rob equip and activate those who pursue a Spirit-filled life to demonstrate God’s power and transform communities everywhere they go.

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